5FAVs with Dmitry Molosh

We are in the midst of a progressive house renaissance; there is no doubt about that. And at the same time as this rebirth, a new star has been born. That star is Dmitry Molosh and he is rocketing high into the stratosphere at an astonishing speed. Dmitry is famous for his inimitable progressive sound and excellent taste in music.

Belarusian DJ and producer represents his country far beyond its borders as one of the most forward-thinking electronic music artists in the world. His music is epic and deep with driving, hypnotic rhythms and an unmistakeable chunky groove. His music is potent with emotion, it induces euphoria, has an infectious, rhythmic energy and sets dancefloors alight.

His radio show "Sound Wisdom" broadcast once a month on legendary Proton Radio is something that you should definitely listen to. He has released on a number of world labels, such as Sudbeat, Plattenbank, Proton, Hope, Replug, Clubsonica, Balkan Connection, Mirabilis, Soundteller, etc. His tracks, characterized by a powerful, melodic progressive sound, quickly became an indispensable part of sets played by music giants such as Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren, Guy J, Guy Mantzur, Khen, Armin van Buuren, Cid Inc, Eric Prydz, Darin Epsilon, Max Graham and many others.

Guy J - The Love & the Fear

"Fantastic work from Guy J which deep into something spiritual and great. The track there is in my player constantly. Despite his anno, the rhythms that you can stop for a while and think about everything that surrounds us."

Cid Inc. - Shifter

"In my opinion, it’s one of the best tracks of 2017. Each Henri’s work is something special, Shifter is no exception. The absolutely unreal depth and the atmosphere in this track always gives an amazing reaction on the dance floor."

Stereo Underground - Flashes feat. Sealine (Extended Mix)

"Great track with incredible vocals. Every work from this Israeli guy gets a lot of attention from fans of the electronic sound. I do not doubt that in the near future we will hear something new."

Navar - You Find

A completely new track from my friend Navar, which unfortunately you haven’t heard yet, but in the near future it will be released, you shouldn’t miss!

Matter - Energon (Michael A Remix)

"One of the last good remixes from my friend Michael A. The Michael’s sound has grown very much In recent years, and it cannot but rejoice me as a countryman. We constantly keep in touch with Michael and this remix is worthy of attention. You can hear this remix in my special mix on the threshold of my performance in Sarajevo on February 9th."

For his debut in Sarajevo where he will be playing at Silver and Smoke, Dmitry also prepared a great DJ mix which was released on the SoundCloud channel of the well-known Progressive Astronaut. Listen below!

By Andrej, edited on 15 June 2018