5FAVs with The Willers Brothers

As such they have fast risen through the ranks of the underground house scene and are now recognised as one of the most exciting pairings in dance music. Since arriving in London in 2012, they’ve quickly notched up an impressive array of achievements, from a residency at Egg London to several well-received releases and a regular radio show on east London’s premier online station, Hoxton FM. Outside of their impressive residency, they’ve clocked up appearances at clubs such as Fire, Pacha, The Warehouse, Rhythm Factory and further afield.

Drawing on influences such as Marco Carola, Dyed Soundroom, Rhadoo and Yousef the brothers placed their focus on a distinctly funky, groove-driven form of electronic music that combines elements of both house and techno. Parallel to their swift progression as DJs, Sean and Liam have been immersing themselves in the production side of things. Labels such as Beste Modus, Ewax, No Fit State and Nordik have snapped up their brand of deep, groove-packed house and they continue to work away on new music with every spare second they have.

Constantly in-between the musical capitals of London and Berlin, the boys are firmly stating their musical ground founding their own label WE_R HOUSE. Much more is to come from the pair, but already they have become an indelible mark on the modern scene.

Here are their 5FAVs.

Here are our top 5 tracks we’ve been digging recently and have been working well on the dance floor.

The Willers Brothers – Space Age

Had to start this off with our latest track Space Age from our WE_R HOUSE imprint.

Julian Alexander – Baku Man

This one has been working really well at the moment, another bomb track from Julian.

Levi Verspeek – Take Me To The Dust

This one has been in the bag for a while. Now works great on the warm-up, real groovy track from one of our favourite producers.

The Mountain People – Firebomb

The Mountain People never disappoint. Another great track from the guys.

TIJN – Mono (Maik Yella Remix)

Solid remix, this is from Maik on EWax. A really great label that has a lot more to come and is run by one of our really close friends SY.

If you want to hear more music from the boys you can do so below.

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