Andrea Ljekaj remixes Dutch duo Folie A Deux

Folie A Deux, a Rotterdam based duo is releasing their first vinyl EP on Hamburg based label Tach & Nacht! The 4 track EP consisting of two originals and two remixes from Andrea Ljekaj & Malbetrieb. Deeply-oriented tracks full of ambient sounds and darker beats. Different melodies which work perfectly together in cohesion will definitely catch your attention. Originals are on the A-side and remixes on the B-side of the vinyl.

Andrea Ljekaj remixed the track called "Pulse". The main groove of the track is perfectly built around a raw snare sound that gives the track a nice little industrial feel to it. Melancholic strings cater to a handful of emotions and definitely take you on a journey during the break. In the end, Malbetrieb does the job by wrapping up the EP with a perfectly balanced track. Bringing the atmosphere back to a positive and chill vibe. Release is nicely rounded with peak time tracks as well as some more ambient stuff. Definitely very suitable for warm up's or lounge areas. Ep comes out on 2nd November so make sure you preorder your copy of vinyl on time via or Juno.

Hear the preview of Andrea Ljekaj's remix here:


Andrea Ljekaj's productions are really unique. He is definitely one of the most prosperous producers and sound designers of our region. His euphoric and powerful trademark sound has gained him worldwide recognition and numerous superb gigs all around.

By Saša, edited on 13 June 2018