Beats, Beer & Boogaloo Festival

Located on one of the most beautiful festival sites, The Garden Resort in Tisno, this festival presents a unique blend of craft beers from around the world and superb funk / soul beats from various DJs and musicians. The lineup will be curated by none other than Craig Charles, the legendary actor and one of the most popular British DJs.

The festival will bring unforgettable parties onto the ships and evenings at the infamous club Barbarella's. Street food concept, guided tours and testing beer will all aid to the carnival procession which will pass through the streets of Tisno and deliver many fresh surprises.

The first names on the lineup will be revealed in March.

Beats, Beer & Boogaloo festival brings a new concept in Croatia and the whole region. The Garden Festival has put Croatia on the festival map of the world, and the founders Nick and Charlotte Colgan launched the whole festival scene with one of the most popular musical events.

The Garden Festival shut down after 10 years of existence and that lead to creating the most ambitious project. They've created a craft "The Garden Brewery" in Zagreb, which is a manufacturing plant, but also a place of great music and a variety of programs. They're producing up to 17 different styles of beer which is free shipped all over the country as well as abroad; delivery is enabled in 25 EU countries. The Garden Brewery was named the "best new craft brewery in Croatia" last year, according to the decision of readers of the international website

*Craig Charles, the legendary actor, director and editor of the radio is one of the most popular funk and soul DJ in the UK. The idea of ​​the Beats, Beer & Boogaloo started when Craig Charles visited The Garden Brewery and together they've created a new festival, continuing on Craig's desire to organise the event in Croatia, and Colgan's ideas to re-organise the festival. This interesting partnership will combine Craig's knowledge of music and experiences with the Garden team and their latest venture craft brewery. Beats, Beer & Boogaloo will connect all generations, lovers of craft beer, sun and sea, and of course great music.

By Andrej, edited on 13 June 2018