Berghain is Throwing a 60-hour New Year’s Eve Party

Berlin’s iconic club Berghain will enter 2018 in the only way it knows how: by throwing a 60-hour party featuring over 40 artists.

Berghain’s longtime residents Ben Klock, Marcel Dettman, Norman Nodge and Steffi will hold the floor alongside finest techno selectors like The Black Madonna, Ryan Elliot, Dr. Rubinstein, Danny Tenaglia, Rødhåd and so much more. ‘Silvester Klubnacht’ party will be held across the four venues in the club’s complex – Panorama Bar, XXX-Floor, Berghain and Elektroakustischer Salon.

It will kick off at midnight on Saturday, 30th December and stretch on until Tuesday, 2nd January. There will be no advance tickets available for purchase, pay at the door only. If you are planning to go then you better queue up early and good luck!

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