DJ Q present breakdown of his single "Time To Shine"

Point Blank music school continues with the series of deconstructional videos. Their recent guest DJ Q is a true UK legend, who along with the likes of T2 and Paleface, was the face of bassline when it blew up from the north of England in the mid-2000s. He's still one of the most active and consistent UK Bass producers spanning from grime, garage to the bassline. For this session, Q dropped to Point Blank's London studios to show the secrets behind his latest single "Time to Shine". 

This track includes plenty of the DJ Q signature sound, also leaning towards the classic sounds from the early garage era pioneered by the likes of Todd Edwards. He get’s pretty generous with his tips and knowledge, so this one is definitely worth watching.

Some 14 years after he began making his name as the host of 1Xtra’s UKG M1X show, DJ Q remains a hugely in-demand club DJ. This proximity to the dancefloor was inevitably the inspiration behind the track, given how much traction vocal tracks have been getting when he plays out and the way he’s chopped them up is designed to emulate those classic garage producers mentioned before. We learn the vocal used in this track was taken from a sample pack, before receiving the DJ Q treatment.

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Learn exactly what DJ Q’s set-up consists of, as well as how he organised his workflow for this particular project. ‘Time to Shine’ is quite representative of Q's workflow in general, with several steps and tricks revealed to be favourites of his. We learn of his fondness for many of Ableton 10's new features and some of his favourite plugins including the Endless Smile filter. Q's grouping techniques are extremely useful to know and he gives good insight into his mixing process, taking special care not to muddy the waters by keeping different elements hitting different frequencies.

By Saša, edited on 05 June 2018