Finetune talks about his album, story behind it, his live performance and much more.

Finetune is the live project of a musician and an artist Michael Dop, also known as the founder of Slowdance label and community. Finetune is a multi-genre palette from experimental electronics and ambient to IDM and house, where improvisation is invariably welcome.

He recently announced a wonderful album that'll land on both vinyl and digital entitled “The Inner Space”. The LP floats between minimal and ambient textures drawing meaningful and powerful emotions. The album lands on 22nd February with the vinyl half, and simultaneously the digital half which will be on the Finetune Bandcamp as a free download. You can already pre-order vinyl HERE.

Welcome to Solvd, how are you? and how are things in Moscow right now? 

Hi, all is good, thanks! 

I am very inspired by the way things are going in Moscow now, there are many new and interesting musicians, the scene is growing, and the vector is quite experimental. 

Congratulations on your forthcoming “The Inner Space” album, it is a definite masterpiece. Is there a story behind the ideas of the project? How long were you working on the whole process? 

In addition to the music, it was an artistic performance. I created an object from more than 350 vinyl record sleeves that form the album cover. Each of the 350 record sleeves embodies a separate element of the soul, different from the others, but part of a single whole.

In the culture, there is a widespread idea that each person is a carrier of his own soul. At the same time, we perceive life as an element that connects humanity and connects people with God. The soul is the connecting substance and at the same time the source of all kinds of creativity/art. By combining the idea of the "soul" with the creative impulse that encourages a person to listen to himself and his soul, we thereby appeal to God and the Absolute, in which we seek access to integrated information space.

People are the vessels of energy through which all existence flows, being embodied in art, purifying a person, inspiring his inner spiritual experience.

The album features several moods and atmospheres, as a producer how important is it to you to create different genres with no limits? 

In my debut album, I decided to move away from any dance and groovy designs, and this was a turning point in my work. In addition, I began to discover the endless world of modular synthesis and found a lot of inspiration there. You can also find some dance tracks in my album. I decided to add them later, as they appeared as a by-product of experimenting and working on more abstract tracks.

Half of the album will be on vinyl and the other on digital via your Bandcamp. What made you choose this method? How important do you think it is to release digital music in modern times? 

There were quite a few tracks around the album, and I didn't see them all on vinyl, so I decided to add a digital part.

Tell us a little bit about the process of the artwork, using vinyl sleeves to create one large image. Where did this idea come from? It looks great. 

At some point, while practicing Aikido and communicating with my teacher, I realized that the phrase "Listen to yourself" began to be perceived by me in a new way. I realized that the soul within us is part of the whole and that to listen to oneself is to listen to everything, to the Absolute...

This understanding influenced both the album and my entire work and also inspired me to create a performance with a picture that carries something whole and, at the same time, divided into parts, does not lose its meaning and completeness.

Let’s talk a little about your live performances. How long have you been performing live? What set up are you tending to use? 

I have been performing live for about 3 years. I use my modular synth as an improvisation tool, my laptop for main layers, and mix it with improvisation on the piano.

Do you feel a different connection with your audience when performing live? as opposed to DJing? 

The main difference when I am playing live is the possibility to improvise, to have more chances to interact with the moment, people and environment.

Last of all, one tip for our readers to maintain creativity during these times?

Try to do the same things in different ways.

You can check out the album preview below. 

By Saša, edited on 15 February 2021