Sakro is a young DJ and producer who's representing the new Mexican wave of house music. He founds his influences in jazz, soul and hip-hop with a strong connection to Detroit and Chicago. His productions have been released digitally as well as on vinyl via labels such as Raum...Musik, Karlovak, La Vie En Rose, Housewax, Fathers and Sons Productions, Amam, Lake Placid, Houseworx and his own imprint Bon Vivant.

Sakro's music was played by big names such as Ricardo Villalobos, Raresh, Dorian Paic, Thomas Melchior, Richie Hawtin, Hold Youth, Shaun Reeves, Ryan Crosson, Dyed Soundorom, Dewalta, Ray Okpara and others. ZIP; the co-founder of Perlon Recordings, included his production ‘Jazz in the Forest’ in his latest FABRIC 67 compilation. Since his Boiler Room gig in Mexico City, which was back in 2014, he's slowly taking over the world with his house grooves.

Hello, Sakro! How are you and what are you been up to lately?

Hi there, I'm fine thanks! Well, I'm in Europe for this summer, so I'm gonna be playing around for these next couple of months. It's gonna be fun for sure. I was working on more music lately. I'll have some tracks with Andrade for our label Bon Vivant, also a release on Housewax with Miguel Puente, Vatos Locos and soon on VQSE. Also, I've been asked from various labels to do music, and after the summer, I’ll be on that task.

We’d like to move a couple of years back. Could you tell a bit about how you got into electronic music at first place? What made you start producing it?

Well, I was 15 years old when I  first went into a club. At that time, Daft Punk was everywhere. There were others as well, such as Paul Johnson and that was the first moment that I got impressed with house music vibe. I kept looking for music and other artists and a few years later, I became a producer & DJ.

Fast-forwarding to 2017. Looks like this year has been your most successful thus far. It seems like all started with your “No Time To Explain” release on Raum…Musik which was picked up by Ricardo Villalobos himself. How much did his support helped you to get to another level?

It helped a lot for sure, that’s why I'm here I guess. :) The track became really well known since all major institutions shared them such as Fabric, Be@TV, Dekmantel and others. Now I have more attention and people are expecting even more from me. Because of that, my name is more known and it's easier to play in other countries and places. I feel like I won the lottery.

Bon Vivant Ltd. That’s another story we’d like to hear. Can you talk us through this interesting project?

It's a vinyl only record label that I've started with Andrade and we also host events around the globe. So far, we've had some in Latin-America. This year, it'll be Berlin at Kater Blau, London’s Basing House and Music Box in Portugal. Is about doing music, inviting artists to sign records on our label and also to play wherever we are, if we are around. Bon Vivant is a French saying for people who likes good stuff like wine, food, and why not maybe partying too.

Since you’re from Mexico, how would you describe the electronic music scene there?

It's growing and also changing but, to be honest, I'm not that in touch with the music scene over there. I have good friends but everybody does different music. This year I've met people with the same interest and that’s good. There's not a lot of events going on like here in Europe and is quite hard to bring artists to Mexico as the underground events are not that crowded. But we are getting there someday, somehow.

Your sound is a fine mixture of deeper elements that are perfectly lined up with a strong groove and jackin’ vibe. What’s for you the most important part when it comes to creating music? Can you also lead us through your studio setup?  

For me, the most important things are the drums, a good kick with a clap and tuned hi-hats. That is like the base. Recently I'm moving more towards minimal feeling and also kind of garage style, but I'm always keeping the groove that you've mentioned. Well basically, I set up everything digitally in Ableton. I've tried some hardware but at the end, I feel that I can do more with Ableton and my MIDI controller. You know, the main filter are still your ears.

You’ll be soon playing your debut gig in Slovenia. How do you prepare yourself when you play somewhere the first time?

I have to show my new material that is coming up, so it'll also be a debut for my new music as well. I hope it sounds good and for sure I'd love to be back, so I'll try to do my best. And I'm very excited! I've been told that people over there are amazing, so I'm really, really looking forward. You don’t know how much hehe.

What do you have planned in for the rest of this year?

I don’t like to tell my plans until they are not 100% confirmed, but at the moment I'll be here in Europe playing for the summer at places in London, Berlin and Paris. As mentioned above, it will be my first time in Ljubljana, I'll also play in Budapest and in September, I'm working on tours around South Asia, Central / South America and probably the US as well. Let's see what happens.

By Saša, edited on 15 June 2018