Lelú with a debut EP on Doxall Records

Serbian producer lelú will soon release his debut EP on Parisian Doxall Records, which stands as a collective promoting art & underground music from all around the world. Lelú" started his musical journey in Serbian capital city a couple of years ago but it's only been the last year or so that he started creating music under the current alias and he quickly managed to create his unique house sound. His "1995 EP" will be released via Doxall Records from 30th April onwards.

lelú - 1995 EP

"1995" is the first track on EP and it holds smooth 90's deep house influenced vibes. Main piano riff introduces solid summer vibes mixed with dynamic sub-bass while straight 4/4 groove keeps the dance-floor alive. Female shout vocals give the track a nice balance and a fair dose of emotions.

On the other side, the second track "My Block" follows the idea of this EP with an uplifting groove mixed with old school flavour. While drum pattern keeps the rhythm in the groove, it's the classic rave synth sound that makes this record alive. In the end, lelú couldn't resist adding a few more vocal shouts which surely fits the EP's mood.

Lelú is definitely a refreshing individual that will spark local scene with his one of a kind music and energetic personality. His debut EP on Doxall Records is perfect for the club environment even though we wouldn't mind hearing it on radios as well. You can already grab your copy via Beatport HERE.

Exclusive Houseum premiere.

By Saša, edited on 15 June 2018