Mene introduces his new imprint TOZLA

Belgrade-based producer and DJ Mene will soon launch his brand new record label called TOZLA. His earlier minimal beats influenced with tech house and techno groove propelled him amongst region's finest talents. Mene, who signed his music on respectful labels such as Moan, Serkal and Innocent Music, has caught our attention with his latest project that will present him in a different light - with a new sound and fresh image. We talked with Mene about his new imprint, the idea behind it and about future projects.

Hi, Mene! Congrats on launching your new imprint. What made you start a label in the first place?

First of all, I want to thank you for your wishes. This is a product of hard integrity and commitment. Since last year I've changed my view and style of producing and playing music because I constantly experiment with new projects. The idea was to open my own label so I can show and express my new sound.

Can you tell us a bit about the idea behind TOZLA?

If you have checked my recent tracks and sets, there is a lot of hip-hop moments. TOZLA is reversed word for gold the in the Serbian language. With the new, most recent music style, I also got a new image. I started to wear gold, golden neckless, golden chains... Since then, my friends and public started to call me a "golden boy", which grew into an idea to open a label with TOZLA name. Like I've mentioned before, the idea was to combine house, tech house and hip-hop music. Personally, I never heard anything similar in this part of Europe so the idea was born.

Imprint's debut release will be your EP. What can we expect in the future?

From this EP I expect a lot since I got really good support from big names all around the globe. When the time is right it will be announced. For the future projects, stay tuned, because there's a lot of fresh vibes. I would prefer it to be a surprise. 

Mene - Golden 001

The opening EP on TOZLA features three original dance-floor orientated tunes. "1992" is an uplifting groover with organic drum pattern layered by tom sounds which took over the bass-line duties. Hip-hop influenced vocal shouts are fitting nicely in the whole mood of the track. The second track, "Gruvelend", has a warm low end combined with solid drum pattern which is driven forward by open hi-hats and a specific vocal lead. The last track on the release fits the EP's vibe with rough groove and 90's influenced hip-hop vocal cuts. You can hear the break-beat character lined up with rumbling bass while vocal shouts bring the excitement.


Mene - 1992
Mene - Gruvelend
Mene - Killa'

The debut release on TOZLA presents the new, fresh path that Mene decided to take. His music stays club friendly but it's now more orientated towards peak-time action rather than after hour vibes. The Golden001 release will be soon available via TOZLA.

By Saša, edited on 15 June 2018