Superb remix by Presence on Ilija Rudman's Imogen Recordings

Croatian house music power force Ilija Rudman has had a productive 2016. His music graced imprints like Chit Chat, Burek and Double Deer. Turning to his own Imogen Recordings to drop a collaborative EP with London based singer and songwriter Andre Espeut and Charles Webster on the remix truly was a splendid idea. Espeut's multicultural heritage and diverse musical upbringing was a perfect fit for Ilija's breezy summerish vibe. The EP was super successful as it turned so many cheeks, appearing on Defected Records 'MOST RATED IBIZA 2016' compilation and leaving a stamp as one of the most memorable tunes of the summer. In our eyes for sure.

"Captivating, melodic and simplistic it blended elements of old school house alongside pop sensibilities."


Listen to 'In Her Eyes'

Charles Webster is one of the more seasoned musicians. Writing bits and creating amazing pieces of house music since the 1980s with no signs of slowing down. Picking Charles for a remix is a bit of a lottery as you never know what to expect from a man who dwells in so many musical styles. His works are always superb and well executed. As is his second remix of 'In Her Eyes' under his Presence moniker. He has recorded under his own name and also under a series of aliases including Presence, Furry Phreaks, and Love From San Francisco. Charles Webster truly spans the entire breadth of his career in his productions, presenting us a complete view of this illustrious producer. 

Ilija Rudman feat Andre Espeut - In Her Eyes EP / Presence Mix

Presence's mix uses a few elements which sit really well together in a track. Playing with high-end processing and a diverse arrangement and still not pushing it with too many elements. The groove is based on a firm 4x4 organic drum loop with a variety of trippy horn noises best fitting to a spacious and extremely dark warehouse dungeon. The track gets a lot of its character and momentum from chopped and looped vocal bits and driving instinctive percussion. The mix accelerates once the skinny acidic bassline kicks from underneath. It really ties all the paranoia-inducing elements together so well.

By Andrej, edited on 15 June 2018