Seb Zito talks about the year 2020, his labels, influences and much more

The Fuse resident and Seven Dials boss delivers a phenomenal, rave-inspired, raw-as-hell two-track EP on Nic Fanciulli’s revered imprint. 

Ever since Seb Zito first discovered electronic music in 1994, he has continued to evolve through the many elements of the underground scene. His Labels Seven Dials & F&Z gain huge support from the house & techno scene, as have his own releases and remixes on labels such as Fuse, Infuse, Hot Creations, Play It Say It, Edible, Four Thirty Two, ORIGINS, Rawax & Kaos Theory. A firm favourite at Fuse, Seb has performed at some of the world's most renowned clubs and gain residency at Amnesia Ibiza with Fuse & Hyte.

Seb joined us for a casual talk about his career thus fur prior to his forthcoming release on Nic Fanciulli’s Saved Records, which will hit digital stores on the 25th of September. 

 Hi, Sebastian. How was your summer? We’re guessing that it was a bit different than previous years, are we correct? 

Most certainly it’s different, I would have been away at least three days a week touring. On the plus, my daughter was born three days before lockdown so it’s been a blessing as I’ve got to spend so much time with my little family.

The year 2020 is surely shaping to be one bumpy ride. How are you dealing with all kinds of restrictions due to the COVID-19?

At first, I was all about protecting my family and others but over the last 6 months, I just don’t know what to think. One thing is clear, it’s not as deadly as we first thought but there’s still so much uncertainty around it. I guess we have to follow the science but economically it’s been so destructive. 

Club events and festivals around the globe were basically shut down for the last 6 months, what impact will this have on the electronic music scene?

We could be looking at club/venue closures if this continues for another 6 months. It’ll be survival of the fittest or should I say wealthiest. Then again in a crisis, we have to think outside of the box and try to think of new & inventive ways to have fun. Which I think some are doing but we’re gonna need more support from the government if we’re going to survive. 

You recently became a father as well. As a DJ, you’re probably used to being awake the whole night, so what would you say changed the most since the birth of your child?

Haha, that’s so true it’s like I’ve trained for this moment. I don’t think much has changed other then having to plan more for when we want to go out or do something. If anything it’s brought our families together and has also taught me that my career isn’t everything. 

Don’t Leave EP was just released via Saved imprint. The two originals sound a bit different than your usual stuff. Could you take us through the creational process?

At the start of January, I set myself a task of 31 tracks in 31 days with the objective to create everything that I wouldn’t normally make. I think don’t stop is pretty far off from anything I’ve ever made and it’s my interpretation of techno which I loved making and plan to make a lot more.

Don’t leave is more connected to my sound which takes inspiration from my early clubbing/raving days but again on a tougher techno garage tip. 

You’re managing Seven Dials and F&Z labels while still being an instrumental part of the FUSE collective. How do you manage to combine these projects and, on top of that, release original stuff as well as remixes on other labels? How do these labels differ one from another?

We actually stopped F&Z a few years back as Fars stopped making music. As a producer, I love making different styles of music and I’ve found myself experimenting more, so by having multiple outlets I’m able to release most of it. I guess everything I make will be somewhat connected to the next project but just differs in vibe & mood. I’m all about pushing myself and taking on as much work as I possibly can and luckily have my management to plan and organise my creative mess 😂

Seven Dials is a House & Garage label & Fuse is House & Tech House so the connection is pretty close as I incorporate all sounds through both labels.

Your sound is/was heavily influenced by garage, DnB, and jungle. These sounds were really big in the late ’90s, especially in the UK but not so prominent in the rest of Europe (particularly our region, south-east Europe). Why do you think garage, jungle, and DnB emerged from the UK?

All of the sounds you mentioned are all influenced by black music and culture and London is a multicultural city so naturally, it was created and appreciated by myself and many others.  

Who was your main influence when you started spinning records and producing beats?

So many: Heartless Crew, EZ, Tuff Jam, Todd Edwards are just a few of them.

Have you changed your approach towards music production throughout the past decade or have you pretty much kept the same work-flow?

I started working within the box then moved to machines and now I have a balance of both but tend to work mainly within the box. I try to approach each project differently in order for things to not sound the same and try and use different synths for each part. Keeps things fresh and keeps me engaged as I get bored pretty easily.

What are your go-to hardware and software studio pieces?

All Korg soft synths & my Emu dance system.

What is your view on many live streams that have been flooding Facebook for the last few months? Can you see that as a new way of partying and interacting with fans?

I guess it’s no different from listening to a mix which is great for when I’m driving or doing some DIY around the house. Also, a great way to connect with fans musically but for me looking at a screen and watching a DJ mix isn’t the one.

The year 2020 certainly taught us that we shouldn’t take anything for granted. What would you say can be the biggest lesson that we as humans can learn from such situations?

Can’t take anything for granted in this life, appreciate others, always give thanks for what we have whether it’s little or a lot. Make the most of our freedom because it can be taken away very quickly as we all have witnessed.

You can already order the "Don't Leave" release HERE.

By Saša, edited on 23 September 2020