SolvdCast 001: Quicker Balance

SolvdCast by , released 20. April 2016.
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Slovenian duo Quicker Balance deals with sounds and music production from the early years when they were still experimenting with different styles and concepts. They’ve always admired other artists, respected their music and the dedication that they've put into writing music. Their style can’t be defined in one word. It’s a mixture of raw ‘Chicago 4/4’ beat, influenced by soul, jazz and even funk. When listening to their music, we can easily picture ourselves on a nice little terrace during the sunset, drinking Cuba Libres and slowly jamming into the night.  


  1. Quicker Balance - Can't Hide My Love (Original Mix)
  2. Liem - If Only (Lehult)
  3. Stefano Esposito - Nobody's Fool (Luca Tuccillo Piano Mix)
  4. Samuel Andr Madsen aka Rev - This Thing (Original Mix)
  5. 95 North - Let Yourself Go (Capitol Dub)
  6. Dungeon Meat - The Fuck Off Track (Original Mix)
  7. Chesus & Earl Jeffers - Jump (Original Mix)
  8. Benhouse ft. Quicker Balance - No Guest List (Original Mix)
  9. Sweely - NTM (Original Mix)
  10. Stefano Esposito - Disrespectful (Original Mix)
  11. Chesus - 3am Dub (Original Mix)
  12. Mode7 - Visions (Kase Kool Remix)
  13. Julian Perez - Road To Dub (Original Mix)
  14. Glenn Underground - Head Of House (Original Mix)
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