SolvdCast 043 - Ana Antonova

SolvdCast by Ana Antonova, released 05. May 2021.
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Ana Antonova is shaping the Croatian scene for more than 15 years in a way that her status is almost indestructible. Her spunky but humble spirit has gained a regional appreciation, and her sense of innovation, the braveness of trying something different has made her more than essential to Croatian up and coming underground territory. Her music can be found on many respectful labels such as Get Physical, Dubøka Records, Not Allowed, THANQ & Dobar House to mention a few. You can check her latest THANQ release HERE.

She curated an exclusive one-hour mix that explores the different genres within electronic music showcasing her desire to offer a unique musical experience. Sit back, relax and enjoy. 

By Saša, edited on 05 May 2021