Soundhitectures with their first release of the year

Balkan area is one of those places which truly has a lot of potential everywhere and electronic music scene is no exception. Soundhitectures, a project started by Evident, is undoubtedly fitting our description. The idea of exposing the artistic side of electronic music leads him to create this unique label. The first release of the year comes from Slovenian talent, Timo Chinala. This will be his third release on the label and it features single with two remixes come from Evident himself and his friend and label partner Jan Nemecek.

Timo Chinala - As Ever

"As Ever" is a deeply orientated track with slight ambient feeling. Soft synths are nicely working together, moving back and forth in a combination with majestic vocal. We really like how hats are a bit rougher which gives this track a solid balance. Evident decided for a little bit different approach in his remix. He took the vocal and surrounded it with more "techier" influenced groove and a pinch of darker note. The breakdown is where melodics kicks in and gives a small but fair dose of emotions.

Jan Nemecek closed this package with yet another quality production. You can instantly hear the warmth of analogue gear which filled his remix with energy and pace. He kept the vibe of the original track and took it to another level with more complexed melodics. This release, which will be available from 2nd February onwards, is a solid intro into 2017 for this exclusive label. Soundhitectures also took an interesting approach when it comes to delivering music to users around the globe. While the release can already be pre-ordered via Beatport, they've also offered the track for free via their SoundCloud page, which is becoming their routine.

By Saša, edited on 13 June 2018